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World's Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys in (2019) Deadliest Roads - Congo: Jungle Messengers: Most roads in Cuba are in good condition. But in the countryside, it’s a different story, where very few cars are in running order. Cuba has been isolated from the world for almost 60 years due to the US-imposed economic embargo. New cars are virtually non-existent and replacement parts are almost impossible to find. So, Cubans have become the kings of ’make-do’. They keep vehicles, mostly dating from the 1950s, running. They are a wonderful mechanical cross-breed: the front seats of Diosmar’s Chevrolet come from a French 404, the steering from a Romanian car, the rear seats from a Toyota… in short, enough to give a European car tester a cold sweat — specially as the engine is a generator! Unable to deliver top speed but sufficient to persuade this American 77-year-old. On the banks of the river Toa, Luis is building his bamboo raft. There’s no road to his farm so going down the river is his only means of delivering his crop of bananas. A hair-raising adventure awaits him in the rushing currents. Dicing with Death takes you deep into an unknown Cuba far from the tourist tracks. : #FreeDocumentary #Documentary #MostDangerousRoads