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World's Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys in Zambia (2018) Deadliest Roads - Malawi: Two legendary creatures live side by side in Zambia. The first is a very old truck. It has been used to construct thousands of farmers’ homes and after 46 years’ service it is still operating, despite leaks and constant break-downs. But in the rainy season, the old vehicle struggles on the country’s tracks. For owners Nicolas and his father, Cosam, keeping it running is a matter of survival. But they are not alone: the whole village rallies round to help them. It’s their sign of gratitude for all the years of faithful service. The second creature is a person. When the waters of the Zambezi flood the plains, the signal is given to King Iosis Imwiko II to leave his palace and move to a drier place. This is the start of an incredible procession where the king leaves with his court. Once the king has left, and only then, the farmers who live on the flooded land are then allowed to leave. Be supportive, sacrifice yourself to help others, adapt to obstacles: the inhabitants of Zambia, one of the poorest countries in the world, learn from infancy what is needed to avoid dying of starvation, like going to dig in the lead mines. The mineral dust wreaks havoc. Workers drink milk every morning to protect themselves. : #FreeDocumentary #Documentary #MostDangerousRoads