Departure to Mars – Conquest of a Planet | SPACETIME – SCIENCE SHOW

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SPACETIME - SCIENCE SHOW: August the 2nd, 2048. A space craft has just reached Mars. The crew has landed on the Red Planet: One giant leap for mankind. Seventy-nine years after the first moon landing man has set foot on another planet. This is a fictional scenario. But men on Mars will become a reality. We have known ever since the 1960s what it looks like on Mars. Dozens of probes have visited the Red Planet and sent back photographs and data. There have been reports of storms and barren deserts. In the end we are left with more questions than answers - especially the burning question of life, past or present, on our neighbour planet. Only a manned mission to Mars will solve the riddle once and for all, when scientists and engineers research the Red Planet on the spot. Watch all SPACETIME episodes Subscribe our full documentary channel