Digitization and the power of technology / HER – Women in Asia (Season 2) | DW Documentary

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Digitization is changing the world dramatically. What does that mean for Women in Asia? What role do they play in that process? In this edition, HER portrays three women whose lives have been significantly shaped by technology. Take hip-hopper Niana Guerrero. Aged just 15, she is the most followed TikTokker in her country, the Philippines, and one of the biggest YouTube stars in Southeast Asia. Or Aulia Halimatussadiah, one of Indonesia’s most influential serial start-up entrepreneurs and founder of ‘Girls in Tech’. And then there is Molly Hunag from Taiwan who’s startup Velodah has developed an app for cyclists. HER portrays the lives of women from all spheres of Asian societies, featuring protagonists from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. In each episode, three women give their perspectives on universal, existential and crucial topics such as careers in male dominated professions, motherhood, money and self-expression. Series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLovlAKbQVz6CJSrfVbb73tLcz39YErsUp Season 1 episodes: Finding Mr. Right and the meaning of marriage / HER: https://youtu.be/4_Ct8VsYnPM Beauty, body and mind / HER: https://youtu.be/CCtJ4Ta_1-c Women, mental health and equality / HER: https://youtu.be/3YZIObdGr_A #documentary #dwdocumentary ______