How Do Airports Help People With Autism? | Dublin Airport: Life Stories | Spark

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Navigating through an airport and getting safely on and off a flight is quite the task for anyone. The OCS system at Dublin Airport caters for people with disabilities, who need that extra bit of help through the hustle and bustle of the airport. We join a young boy and his mother and see how their airport journey was improved by using the OCS system. Plus there are plenty more stories straight from Dublin Airport. All over the world, airports are abuzz with people; with arrivals and departures, and crying and smiling, Dublin Airport is no different. We follow the stories of the passengers and the staff at Dublin and see just how an airport operates from day-to-day. ... #Spark #dublinairport #dublin #dublinairportseries #airtravel #planes #airportdocumentary #transport #transportdocumentary