Installing A Massive Control Tower At Heathrow Airport | Huge Moves | Spark

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At Britain's busiest airport, Heathrow, a team of international engineers have to dodge aircraft, passengers and their luggage, racing against time to move a gleaming, state of the art Air Traffic Control Tower across the world's busiest runway into position in a brand new terminal. Find out how they narrowly avoid a lightning storm that threatens to strike the glass tower down in transit, and precision park it onto its new foundations. Meanwhile, in Manitoba, Canada, fearless tower king Harold Minty has to shift five, 200 foot tall grain towers 20 miles, over a mountain frozen with ice and snow to a new farm. It's a rollercoaster ride as he fights his way through a vicious snowstorm, battling to stop this towering steel super-convoy from slipping off a snowy cliff edge. #Spark #HugeMoves #Heathrow