Karoshi: Death by Overwork | Matsuri Takahashi’s Tragic Story

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Karoshi is death by overwork in Japanese. It is a common phenomenon that has plagued the Japanese society. Karoshi led Matsuri Takahashi, a 24 year old, to take her own life. She worked at Dentsu a Japanese PR company known to have long working hours. Matsuri is just one out of thousands of Japanese that take their own life every year. 0:00 Introduction to Karoshi 0:17 The Story of Matsuri Takahashi 9:05 The Aftermath of Dentsu 11:58 Japanese Government Intervention 12:35 Matsuri's Mother's Statement 13:42 Changes to Working Conditions 15:00 The Reality of a Japanese Worker #Karoshi #Matsuri #Takahashi #Suicide #Overwork #Dentsu