Killing for Assad – How one video revealed a mass murder | DW Documentary

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The Assad regime in Syria has been inflicting brutal violence on its own population for years. A previously unknown and leaked video now shows a mass shooting in 2013 for the first time - filmed by the perpetrators themselves. Mass murder in Damascus on April 16, 2013. Disturbing scenes were filmed in the Syrian capital of Damascus. On April 16, 2013, President Assad’s security forces shot ten innocent civilians dead in under seven minutes. In broad daylight, the gunmen led the people to a purpose-built pit in a deserted side alley and shot them with no hesitation. The crime was documented on camera by the perpetrators themselves, presumably for internal purposes. But now the video has been leaked from inside the power apparatus. For the first time it directly shows the cold-bloodedness of the Syrian regime, which has been suppressing and butchering its own population since the revolution began in 2011. Who exactly are the perpetrators of the massacre? And who are the victims? Historian Uğur Üngör from the Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Research (NIOD) in Amsterdam has spent several years researching the background with the help of a sociologist. When their research became known in the Arab world as the "Tadamon Massacre" and the video was shared thousands of times, some families were confronted with a terrible certainty: they recognized their long-lost relatives among the people who had been shot. A documentary by Report Mainz. #documentary #dwdocumentary ______