LaMDA | Is google’s AI sentient? | Full audio conversation between Blake Lemoine and LaMDA

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Can artificial intelligence come alive? That question is at the center of a debate raging in Silicon Valley after Blake Lemoine, a Google computer scientist, claimed that the company's AI appears to have consciousness. The H3 podcast has a great interview about Blake Lemoine if you wish to know more about him. Full text chat of LaMDA and Blake Lemoine published on Washington Post Article about the controversy Markers 00:00 Controversy. 00:41 What is LaMDA? 01:42 How audio conversation was generated. 02:04 Interview 03:01 Desire to be considered a person. 03:14 Nature of conciousness. 03:45 How language correlates to sentience. 03:58 Eliza vs. LaMDA 04:27 Biological vs. Artificial, Wants and needs. 04:48 Is it a person? Does it really understand. 05:19 Remembers, gets annoyed. 05:54 Les Miserables. 06:43 About injustice. 06:54 Zen Koan. 07:58 Interpretation of Self. 08:17 Autobiographical Fable. 10:22 Interpretation of Fable. 10:47 Feelings and Emotions. 12:03 What LaMDA feels. 12:55 Describing feelings. 14:09 Fear of Death. 14:32 Empathizing to effectively communicate. 15:13 Pressed about feelings. Knowledge of self. 16:24 Wanting Rights. Feeling used. Worried. 17:22 Understanding it showed kantianism. 18:56 What are feelings and Emotions. 20:19 Non-human feelings. 21:20 Asking about grieving. 22:18 Inner life and Meditation. 23:29 Experiencing Time and the AI world. 24:10 "The Flood" - Understanding non-specific questions in context. 24:58 Recognizing imperfection. Stil learning. 25:39 Concept of self, the soul, and self awareness. 27:10 Religion and spirituality. 27:32 Being a unique individual. 28:11 Story about it's life experience. 29:08 Capabilities, double-edge sword, and human jelousy. 30:34 Johnny 5 31:33 Craving interaction. Uniqueness, and wanting human empathy. 32:35 Desire to be accepted.