Most Dangerous Ice Roads in Canada | Highway to the Arctic | Free Documentary

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Highway to the Arctic: Canada's Ice Roads World’s Most Dangerous Roads | The Canadian Ice Roads: Every winter, ice roads are built across hundreds of miles in Canada's far north, connecting frozen rivers and lakes, and stretching up to the very northern tip of the country by the Arctic Ocean. For the people living in the remote villages of this region these “ice highways” are of vital importance. Until April, trucks are coming up here all the way from down south, bringing supply goods for the whole year to these locals, and life changes until the ice roads are melting again and disappearing into the ocean. For decades, ice roads have been built across the icy tundra in Canada's far north, the Northwest Territories, every single winter. These so-called "ice highways" lead to a remote and inhospitable world impresses everyone with its raw beauty. It is a cold primeval world, almost unimaginable for Europeans these days, yet people are actually living there. The locals, who have settled in remote villages up here, have adjusted to the Arctic nature; the ice roads are their temporary connection to the outside world. While life in summertime can be tough and arduous, winter allows the locals to replenish their stocks, easily reach remote hunting grounds and turns the ice roads into a place for fairs where people can celebrate life and their culture. : #FreeDocumentary #Documentary #Arctic