Searching For Life On The Red Planet – The Real Life on Mars Documentary

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"Is there life beyond Earth? To find out, we might not look no further than the planet next door. Mars may be our best hope for reaching the ultimate mystery...Mars has much in common with our world than any place we know of in the universe. But its still a world away. Getting an astronaut there to search for life is beyond us. So for now we must resort to the next best thing...robots...Mars today is a busy place. Three [human-made] satellites orbit it. Three [human-made explorers] ponder its surface [as of the making of this DVD, the twin rovers Spirit & Opportunity and the Phoenix Lander]. They're finding a wealth of clues...But they're also discovering that, in its past, Mars has some dark secrets...Four and a half billion years ago, two young planets [Earth and Mars] emerged, both brimming with promise. But something went wrong with Earth's twin. Is there life on Mars?" #mars #science #documentary #theuniverse