The Fall of Mubarak | The Arab Awakening

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Arab Awakening - The fall of Mubarak As protest and revolution shake the Arab world, this series of films document the Arab awakening, offering fresh insights into what happened and why. We go behind the scenes of the Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan revolutions and explore the lives altered by these events, and speak to those who made them happen. The films piece together the jigsaw of events as they played out in the media, in the corridors of power and on the ground. We also look at the events and debate their place in history, global politics and everyday life. We are surprised and entertained as we hear the hopes and fearss from people across the region, and their expectations for the future. A day-by-day account of how a protest became a people's revolution and brought down one of the most durable leaders in the Arab world. Social Media links: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: google+: