The Rich Origins Of India & The Oldest Civilisation With Michael Wood | Our History

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Michael Wood visits India, the largest democracy on earth and home of the oldest continuously surviving civilisation.. Subscribe to Our History: Looks at the roles played by religion and philosophy, the cultural continuity which connects a modern industrial state to its ancient roots, and the importance of village life in the Twentieth Century. Also explores the country's religious diversity by visiting Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Jewish communities, examines the philosophical ideals of unity and tolerance expounded by the Buddha, Emperor Ashokar, Emperor Akbar and Mahatma Gandhi, and touches upon the disastrous effects when these ideals are disregarded. The highlight of the programme is footage of the Hindu Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, north India, which takes place every twelve years and attracts pilgrims from all over the country. Also visits Calcutta; the ancient ruined city of Mohenjo Daro in the Indus Valley (Pakistan); Kausambi village on the Jamuna river; the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu; the Hindu pilgrim city of Benares; and the abandoned Mogul city of Fatehpur Sikri in the north This film was first broadcast: 20 Aug 1991 Watch More Documentaries Our Life - Our History - Our World - Our Stories - Start your journey of discovery with Our History, as we bring you eye-opening documentaries and educational programmes about our world history. We will guide you through awe-inspiring events from our past and help you get a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events that have shaped the world we live in today. Content distributed by ITV Studios.