The Tibetan Empire: a Silk Road Superpower

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The History of Tibet is a fascinating one. The Tibetan Empire was founded in the early medieval era, and quickly rose to become a pan-Asian Empire that engaged extensively with the Indian subcontinent, controlled valuable overland Silk Road routes, and contended with China. This is the story of the Rise of the Tibetan Empire -- from the founding of the empire to the rumblings of a golden age. I hope you enjoy! #tibet #tibetanhistory #lhasa -- Sources (non-exhaustive): "Tibet: a History" by Sam Van Schaik "The Tibetan Empire in Central Asia" by Christopher Beckwith "Empires of the Silk Road" by Christopher Beckwith "The Early History of Tibet from Chinese Sources" by Stephen Bushell "The Old Tibetan Annals: an Annotated Translation" by Guntram Hazed -- Chapters: 0:00 Intro 3:17 Tibet Expands 7:41 Brides & Buddhism 9:00 The India Crisis 11:01 Thriving Under the Gar Clan 14:58 Rumbles of a Golden Age