What leads mothers to kill their children? | DW Documentary (True crime documentary)

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What could lead a loving mother like Carol Coronado to murder her children? Like hundreds of other new mothers who have killed their children or themselves, Coronado suffered from postpartum psychosis. No one noticed, so no one was able to stop the tragedy from happening. With direct access to Carol Coronado's family and her lawyers, the film examines the taboo topic of maternal mental health, as well as a legal system marked by archaic laws and chronic levels of misunderstanding. Carol Coronado's story also brings to light serious problems within the health care system, many of which are seldom talked about. The documentary follows the case of Carol Coronado in real-time, as her family and defense attorneys work to make sure she receives appropriate treatment, rather than simply being punished with the full force of the law. Sadly, postpartum depression and psychosis are becoming more common amid the isolation of the global pandemic, a situation that makes the film all the more urgent and moving. #documentary #dwdocumentary #truecrime ______